Peterborough's Thriving Community Garden Movement

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Peterborough's community garden movement is thriving! Did you know that we currently have 43 community gardens across Peterborough County & City?  This is the highest number of community gardens per capita in the country!  Many of them are located on public property, and you can check our map if you'd like to make plans to visit a few of them.

This spring, we are working hard to help community groups start 2 new community gardens, as well as 10 daycares to add gardens at their locations for use in their programs.

These gardens have over 500 infographicsplots and close to 1000 thousand gardeners who utlize them. Gardeners have identified many great reasons why they enjoy being involved in community gardens — from getting outside and getting more exercise, to getting to know their neighbours, changing their community for the better, and, of course, growing vegetables and fruits to help them save money, eat healthier and enjoy the freshnness of locally grown produce! Several of the gardens also have donation plots that contribute fresh foods to community organizations and food banks in their communities. 

These gardens not only build community and green underutilized spaces, but also produce a huge amount of food! In 2015, we documented the amount of food grown in our community gardens, and we were astonished by the amount of food that was produced. We are hoping to continue to measure this year's harvest, and we'd like you to join us!

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This season we have matched over 60 new gardeners with community garden plots!! Many of the gardens have filled up for the season, but there are still a few plots available. If you are interested in getting a plot or learning more, please contact us.

We will also be hosting weekly garden workshops at the Lift Lock Community Garden. This will allow community members who are intersted in learning more about gardening, but do not want to take on a whole garden plot for the season, to gain new skills. Contact us to learn about workshop topics or how to get a group involved. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates!