About Millbrook Garden

The Millbrook Community Garden is located just outside Peterborough in the village of Millbrook. The garden was started by several local volunteers who donated time, energy, plants, seeds, tools and fertilizers. It is located right beside a significant historical monument – the King Street Centre for the Arts or “The Old School”. Many local organizations and collectives take advantage of The Old School, including the library and the local food bank. All the produce collected from the volunteer plot, which takes up half the garden space, goes directly to the local food bank. Providing fresh, local and organic produce is a unique, and indispensable resource. Plots in the garden can also be rented for a minimal fee.

The Millbrook Community Garden also offers a place for community members to come together, grow their own food, share skills, get outside, exercise and enjoy nature.

The Old Millbrook School
1 Dufferin Street
Millbrook, Ontario, Canada
L0A 1G0

Food Bank Contact:
(705) 932 7066

Below, a short film created by Matthew Hayes in August of 2010 about the Millbrook Community Garden highlights the garden’s beauty. Features volunteers Leni Rautiainen and Grace Glass.

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